Rail (not ours) in the water

May 11, a short Sunday morning sail into a good stiff wind. The only other boat out was a neighbor’s ketch from Port Hadlock which flew past us with its rail in the water most of its length.

This was a much anticipated weekend with Kinza. On Saturday hiked the Dungness Spit, getting distracted on the way by an intriguing logging festival in Sequim, featuring a very long community parade with floats from all the little festivals around Northern Washington and the Olympic Peninsula. The Dungness Spit Light – only 5 miles out in the ocean – is really far you walk on soft sand. The lee side of the spit is an off limits nesting area, and you need to make periodic jaunts to the highest part of this very narrow spit, to see the birds on in the calmer water. We painstakingly identified a duck with a headdress and a gull known to interbreed with another in that area. But I can’t remember their names!. Driving home through Sequim we also saw a herd of Roosevelt Elk right in a semi residential area at the foot of the mountains.


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