BC Coastal Itinerary – Summer 2008

We’re back trying to adjust to life “on the hard” after a fabulous summer. Here’s where Skipper Jack and First Mate Baggywrinkles took Aurora. Or rather Aurora took us.

July 16 Port Hadlock at home dock.
July 17 Port Townsend at dock.
July 18 Friday Harbor at dock.
July 19 Sucia Island at anchor.
July 21 Vancouver at dock.
July 24 Pender Harbor at anchor.
July 26 Grace Harbour at anchor.
July 28 Laura Cove at anchor.
July 30 Gorge Harbour at anchor.
August 1 Shoal Bay at dock.
August 3 Port Neville at anchor
August 5 Lagoon Cove at dock.
August 7 Kawtsi Bay at anchor.
August 8 Port Neville at anchor.
August 9 Shoal Bay at anchor.
August 10 Gorge Harbour at anchor.
August 12 Comox at dock.
August 14 Nanoose Bay at anchor.
August 15 Thetis Island at anchor.
August 16 Prevost Island at anchor.
August 17 S. Pender Island on buoy.
August 19 Victoria – Oak Bay at dock
August 22 Port Hadlock at home dock.

Our experience is so infused with awe and wonderment. that I suppose I’ll keep adding to this account. Please do not hesitate to comment, ask questions, tell us where we’re confused, or point out lousy spelling and grammar. As we are still getting insights and finding out things, there will most likely be changes to postings entitled Lessons Learned, Wild Creatures and Cruising through BC History.


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