Captain Hoock and his Coastal Footprint Project

Louis Hoock is a man whose mission had preceded him thanks to The Sitka Daily Sentinel and Raven Radio.  We were impressed to meet him as he walked the docks recruiting folks for his coastal clean up.  He’d arrived in town with load of trash and with the cooperation of the Sitka Conversation Society had continued to make sallies out to Sitka’s islands in his 24 foot sailboat with an outboard.
A recent grad in environmental studies he’s on the first leg of a long coastal journey to Chile.  Along the way he works with local groups to mobilize awareness, support, volunteers and trash.  In addition to cleaning up beaches he systematically trawls and analyzes the provence of what he finds and the currents that carry it.   Jack found he hadn’t read Flotsametrics but he went right out to Harbour Books to buy it.   We applaud Captain Hoock for his gumption and social entrepreneurship.  We’ll be following his progress at .
By the way, that beautiful semi-gaff-rigged schooner Louis is passing in the photo is the Maple Leaf and it has quite a history.  Built in 1906 as a luxury yacht, it was later converted to fish halibut in the Bering Sea. During WWII the lead in its keel went to the war effort.  Then some wooden boat nuts noticed the good bones and amazing wood work and mounted a restoration effort.  To their amazement the original name was available.  Today Maple Leaf moors in Victoria Harbor in front of the Empress Hotel and sails regularly with a mix of paid and paying crew.   And to hoist that enormous amount of sail, they use blocks not winches.

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