Design Ingenuity and Sailboats

Is there something like a hackathon for sailboats? Somewhere where designers mix it up, where the edges of innovation come together? I guess it’s out there waiting to be noticed. Note to self: Pay attention.

Cruz is building a sailboat out of his kayak. Has done the sophisticated calculations, has the bulkheads in, concocted an outrigger and was fiberglassing everything up when this trip interrupted his progress. YouTube vids provided inspiration and when reached by email the boat builders were more than willing to provide details. It’s not hard to envision him hauling the contraption on a car top, racing across San Francisco Bay and launching a fad.

ImageIn Comox, we learn about steel boats designed by a guy named Brent Swain. (I google, getting distracted by this essay.)  Haidar and Lara live in one of three that perch in the mud about 75 feet from fine condos on the Comox waterfront. Their winged keels allow them to pull right up onto the beach. All are steel boats under 40 feet, one a junk rigged ketch. All boats that sail the great straits and sounds and do so knowing they can tuck in places the rest of us would not dream of going.

Lara and Haider’s ship is loosely tethered to shore with a line that permits the two of them to share a dinghy, pulling it in the direction required, though at low tide they can just walk out in gum boots. Brilliant! How have we missed hearing about this cruising underground?


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