Raven Radio

I am soothed by the slow-talking fellow who does the local segments on Morning Edition. “Low tide of minus 1.4 feet is 8:52 this morning. Next high tide is 8.4 feet this afternoon at 3:25.  Today we have 17 hours and 54 minutes of daylight, that’s three seconds less than yesterday because we’re past the solstice.”

He follows up with five minutes of weather, disaggregated for every little coastal settlement nearby. It’s been “misting”. A new term for me, I fully understand the stuff lurking a couple of hundred yards overhead that releases a constant barrage of micro wetness. It’s not fog, which lays dangerously on the water but also burns off. I’d like to think misting is good for my otherwise weather beaten face. unfamiliar concept with w for each of the tiny settlements that KCAW serves. There’s a surprising spread in the temperatures, with Sitka often the chilliest. Next is the marine forecast with buoy reports. I love the twice-daily free Muskeg Messages: “I am looking for someone to share one a charter flight to Gustavus this weekend. Call me at 747-8315” “A Lexmark flash drive was found in the parking lot near Crescent Harbor. If it’s yours stop by Sitka Rose to retrieve it.” “Thank you to whoever found my new red North Face rain jacket and hung it on the Eliaison Harbor bulletin board so I could find it” “Do you have a single or double kayak I can borrow on Sunday? Please call Chris at 747-7871.”

KCAW, otherwise known as Raven Radio, carries NPR, PRI BBC and a number of funky , folksy, local DJs. Like other treasured community programs, the station gets funding from BP and Conoco-Philips but broadcasts Amy Goodman and David Barsamian.

KCAW broadcasts from a historic building that is also home to Larkspur Café, which serves great local food during the day and hosts community events in the evening. Cruz went there for salsa dancing. The station was about to celebrate its 30th anniversary with a bunch of interesting celebratory fundraisers. It would have been interesting to participate and meet the volunteers who have kept the station strong and diverse over the years.

Listening to the radio one morning I found it a bit jolting to move from sophisticated predictions about upcoming Supreme Court rulings to descriptions of tricks by individual competitors in a recent local dog show. But then there’s the back story.   Residents of the Pioneer Home – that venerable Alaskan institution that enables community elders of any race to live longer, fuller lives – had initiated, organized, and sat as judges for this lively, heartwarming, multi-generational event. Yes! This is good stuff, good community, and good radio.



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