Why this Blog?

I, Baggywrinkles, First Mate on the S/V Aurora, am keeping this blog for a whole slew of reasons. Baggywrinkles’ Blog aims to do the following.

  • Log the basics. I’m noting where Aurora has taken us and when, incorporating info from Jack the Skipper’s penciled log: latitude and longitudes coordinates, dates and names of bodies of water with anchorages, mooring buoys or floats or destinations with marinas and harbors. Please note that in Canadian parlance, the terms “Harbour” and “Port” may refer both to wilderness bays and inlets without any sign of civilization and to government-maintained facilities large or small.
  • Encourage others to explore the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia and Alaska.
  • Provide navigation notes, particularly where existing charts and guides are misleading or in error.
  • Offer interesting info on destinations, culture, politics, local economies, fishing, ecosystems, and wildlife.
  • Track lessons learned: Sail cruising means constant learning and we’re getting better at this.
  • Encourage comments, suggestions and questions.  If you’re a reader, even a random or occasional one, please say something! You can comment immediately following all posts, even the older ones. Your words will come to my attention as soon as I get on line. Please point out things I have wrong, things that need amplification and things I should know about.  I try to check fact but Internet is often hard to come by.

We'd be happy to hear your thoughts.

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